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The girl behind the camera


 The first photos I ever took were with a wind up barbie camera when I was four. I'd like to say the closeups of people's foreheads and the insides of their nose was artsy and creative!
My grandparents had no idea back then that their gift would fuel my passion for photography.

  I often joke the reason I became a photographer is so I could be behind the camera instead of the one in front of it! Having two extremely photogenic brothers I always felt like I was the one messing up the shot; looking into the camera, feeling extremely uncomfortable in my own skin, and looking down at my hands thinking,
"What the heck am I suppose to do with these things right now?!"

My mission is to give you photos you LOVE, help you feel comfortable in front of my camera, and deliver a photo experience that makes you feel confident in your investment! 

I know how it feels to be vulnerable in front of the camera, and that's why I strive to create a fun and comfortable experience for my clients!
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